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Editor’s Note, Aug. 12, 2010

Hello. I thought I should take a moment to address some issues as to my current intent with The Brooklyn Growler as well as my plans for its future.

I’ve read a lot of beer blogs and websites over the last few years, and I tend to think that ones that document someone’s personal beer journey tend to be the ones that I enjoy the most. I like keeping up with news and the general big trending thoughts that beer enthusiasts have, however, publications like Beer Advocate, really do rule that market – and rightfully so. I like to drink beer and learned in my own modest attempts at homebrewing, that I really love thinking about beer. So this is a map of my world, via the lens on the bottom of a beer bottle.

Sometimes I’ll hit on news and most of the time I won’t. I’m aiming to update daily, but life often gets in the way. More importantly, I don’t enjoy feeling like I need to hack something out just to hit a daily quota. Blogs are ruled by the constant churning out of content in order to keep pageviews up and thus keep advertising money coming in. I don’t have ads – not that I’m opposed to having them; quite the opposite – but I also think the blogosphere in general would greatly benefit from stepping away from the keyboard to stop and have a think every now and again.

Here are some things I’m going to be working on –

• Beer reviews: I drink a lot of beer and I also like to travel when I can. A lot of beers are specific to certain regions. There’s nothing more exciting than coming across a great beer that is new to you. I’ll also be writing up thoughts on some old familiars.

• Brewery tours: I could use an excuse to revisit some of the breweries in New York and also search out some new ones.

• Beer history: Nothing fascinates me more than the history of the brewing, especially the breweries that have been lost to time.

• Homebrewing: The internet is already rich with homebrewing websites and blogs, and I’ve yet to come across one that I didn’t think had something essential about the process to say. The topic is just so vast. My own attempts at it have been modest, but there will be thoughts on the making and storing of beer to come.

• Wine and liquor: I don’t limit myself to beer alone, so there will be times when I want to write about liquor or wine. Maybe I’ll even toss in a winery tour or a cocktail recipe.

• Literature and drinking: If writers didn’t drink, what would they write about?

On a final note, I’m leaving for Bozeman, Mont. for a few days. I’m hoping to gather some ideas for posts out there.

I hope you enjoy reading this site. I’ve enjoyed writing it thus far.

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