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"Life is all skittles and beer." — Tom Lehrer

Sampler Pack: Wait, They Sell Growlers in There?

• This week the Brooklyn Brewery unveiled its new production equipment at its Williamsburg plant. The new equipment will help the brewery double its brewing production in the next three years. Currently, Brooklyn Brewery produces 110,000 barrels a year. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver is celebrating the occasion with the limited release of Main Engine Start ale. [The Brooklyn Paper]

• The Bedford Avenue Duane Reade has hit upon a canny idea to fight Williamsburg hipster anti-corporate NIMBYism. Add a growler bar and an extensive selection of craft beers. “In this neighborhood, I feel like that’s something people would go for,” said a man on the street whose quote I have taken out of context. [NYT]

• Exactly how does a beer achieve an “organic” certification? The better question might be, are there any that are actually worth drinking? Craft Beer sets out to answer both questions. []


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Sampler Pack: Wild Strains of Brooklyn Yeast

• Shane Welch at Sixpoint Craft Ales in Red Hook, Brooklyn is experimenting with wild yeast for a future edition of Sixpoint’s Mad Scientist series. [NYT]

• Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione does a beer and movie pairing. [Huffpo]

• Victory has installed 345 solar PV panels from SunPower Builders on its brewery. The system is expected to generate 82,000kWh of energy yearly. [Victory]

• Tech-company Nvidia has built a keg computer that combines a keg of Sierra Nevada and a gaming PC. It’s on display at this year’s Computer Electronics Show. [Tom’s Hardware]

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Sampler Pack: How to Be a Beer Nerd

• Bon Appétit provides this quick and easy recipe for becoming a beer nerd – don’t be afraid of foam; drinking beer that is ice cold hides its taste; don’t be afraid of bottled beers (though, honestly, the conversation is now about whether cans are better than draft or bottle), but, hey, it’s still a pretty good article. Well, it’s about beer and I read it. [Bon Appétit]

• Having recently discovered wet hopped beers, I was really happy to stumble across Christian DeBenedetti’s newest Eater post about the history of wet hopped beers, which are also known as fresh-hopped beers. What are they you wonder? Read this thing and wonder no more! [Eater]

• What I love about the craft beer world is that it fosters collaboration. In this article at, Brittany Dern examines what happens when two brewers who love each other very much get together to make a beer. []

• Sam Calagione and the other folks at Dogfish Head have been working with the Discovery Channel on a new program called Brew Masters. The show follows Calagione around the country as he tracks down exotic ingredients, brewing techniques, and escaped criminals. The show airs in November. [Dogfish Head]

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Sampler Pack: Get the Astronauts Drunk

• The first beer to be certified OK for consumption in zero gravity is now being tested in weightlessness [MSNBC].

• New York Cork Report offers up this thorough and excellent profile of the Kelso Brewery in Carroll Gardens [New York Cork Report].

• The folks at the Brooklyn Brew Shop are setting pen to paper. Their book on homebrewing will be published by Random House in 2012 [Brooklyn Flea].

• In this experiment by Cooking Issues, both the legal and illegal methods of distilling alcohol are put to the test [Cooking Issues].

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Sampler Pack: Festivals, Brian Eno & Beer in a Can

Greetings. It’s a lovely Tuesday morning in September. Here are a few links to tide you over until it quittin’ time.

• Every wonder what alcohol looked like under a microscope? Kind of like the cover of a Brian Eno record [Boing Boing].

• The great debate lately has been cans or bottles. The Beer Friends toured the Oskar Blues Brewery for a first-hand opinion [Beer Friends].

• If you missed the Great American Beer Fest in Denver last week, here’s a nice wrapup of all the ins and outs [Denver Metromix].

• Get ready for it, folks. The New York Craft Beer Week begins this Friday [NY Craft Beer Week].

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Sampler Pack: Piss Whiskey & Moonshine

New issues of cartoonist Ron Regé, Jr.’s comic Yeast Hoist, come with a screenprinted bottle of St. Sebastiaan Golden Ale from Belgium’s Brouwerij Sterkens [CBR].

If homebrewing is legal, why not distilling?’s Ted Balaker has produced a video about today’s moonshine renaissance [Boing Boing].

Howabout a whiskey distilled from a diabetic’s urine? Sure, why not [The Independent].

Here’s how to bake bread using hefeweizen yeast [Khymos].

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