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Sampler Pack: How to Be a Beer Nerd

• Bon Appétit provides this quick and easy recipe for becoming a beer nerd – don’t be afraid of foam; drinking beer that is ice cold hides its taste; don’t be afraid of bottled beers (though, honestly, the conversation is now about whether cans are better than draft or bottle), but, hey, it’s still a pretty good article. Well, it’s about beer and I read it. [Bon Appétit]

• Having recently discovered wet hopped beers, I was really happy to stumble across Christian DeBenedetti’s newest Eater post about the history of wet hopped beers, which are also known as fresh-hopped beers. What are they you wonder? Read this thing and wonder no more! [Eater]

• What I love about the craft beer world is that it fosters collaboration. In this article at, Brittany Dern examines what happens when two brewers who love each other very much get together to make a beer. []

• Sam Calagione and the other folks at Dogfish Head have been working with the Discovery Channel on a new program called Brew Masters. The show follows Calagione around the country as he tracks down exotic ingredients, brewing techniques, and escaped criminals. The show airs in November. [Dogfish Head]

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Sampler Pack: Craft Beer Regions & Cocktail Shakin’

Here are some tabs I need to close on my browser before Hurricane Earl smacks New York in the face:

• Eater’s new weekly column on craft beer focuses this week on the regions of craft beer [Eater].

• Cooking Issues examines the science of shaking cocktails [Cooking Issues].

• The New York Times profiles Cobble Hill’s new restaurant Strong Place, which has 24 rotating taps of American beers [New York Times].

• An oldie but a goodie, now-defunct Brewing Techniques delves into yeast-culturing practices for homebrewers [Brewing Techniques].

• Badges are now available for the New York Craft Beer Week, Sept. 24 – Oct. 3 [New York Craft Beer Week].

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