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Iron City Causes a Stink

The City Brewing Co. brewery in Latrobe, Pa. has been temporarily shuttered amid allegations that it is releasing an odoriferous emanation (see Associate Press).

Residents noticed a foul stench wafting from the local municipal sewage plant that was notably worse than the smell typically associated with the wastewater-treatment plant. Officials at the plant believe the smell is related to the drainage of sugary drinks from City Brewing.

This Latrobe plant produces Iron City Beer in addition to Arizona Iced Tea.

City Brewing is a LaCross, Wis.-based brewery but purchased the Latrobe Brewing Co. – ye who dealt what the city of Latrobe smelt – in 2006. Rolling Rock was formerly brewed at the Latrobe Brewing Co. Rolling Rock, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch (a subsidiary of Belgium-based InBev), moved production of the beer to New Jersey post-Latrobe acquisition.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, plant controller Zach Mazzoni said that the brewery will install a new floor-drainage system to ease the flow of organic material into the wastewater-treatment plant.

The Latrobe plant recently installed a new canning line to increase its production, while also recalling previously laid-off employees back to work.

Image via Flickr/Creative Commons.


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