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Photodump Friday: This Is Not a Lawnmower Beer

Estrella Damm, Barcelona, Spain.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Woodbridge, Ill.

Sierra Nevada, Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale, Chico, Calif.

Pretty Things, American Darling Good Time Lager, Cambridge, Mass.

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Cruzcampo Is Spanish for Cerveza

If you’re in Spain, munching your way through one tapas bar after another, and say to the bartender, “Una cerveza, por favor.” Chances are he’s going to pour you a Cruzcampo.

While not the greatest beer in the world, the taste of this golden pilsner is forever associated with Spain to me. It’s light and crisp and when served in a half-pint glass, goes down fast.

The Spanish love this beer. It is quite literally everywhere. To beer snobs, the taste can be a little bit of nothingness and some corn with an aftertaste of skunkiness, and I certainly had one or two glasses that made me change my drink order to a glass of txacolina.

But for the most part, feeling pleasantly fried by the sun and full of jamón, a cold Cruzcampo hit the spot in a most heavenly sort of way.

The Cruzcampo brewery was founded in 1904 in Sevilla, Spain (pictured at the tippy top of this post) by brothers Roberto Osborne and Agustin Osborne. Next to the brewery stands La Cruz del Campo (The Cross of the Field), which is a small temple that stands in view of the brewery. Cruzcampo was the first brewery in the province of Andalusia (more info here). The brewery is now owned by the Heineken Corp. Its previous owner was Guinness.

One last note, the Cruzcampo logo depicts King Gambrinus, the patron saint of beer. Hail to the king, baby.

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